Stuart Proud

Viticulturist and Winemaker

His career in the wine industry started back in 1995, establishing new vineyards in South Australia. Since then he has worked in multiple regions throughout Australia and overseas before settling in the Yarra Valley in 2003. Working primarily as a viticulturist, with a passion and focus on soil health, the evolution into the winemaking role has been slow and steady.
The vineyard has always been his main focus of attention since starting here in 2010. Soils that are healthy, balanced and alive mean the resultant wines he makes speak truthfully of where they came from.
Stuart’s aim is to let the vineyard and fruit purity shine through in the wines while leaving a minimal thumbprint as the winemaker.

David Ammerlaan

Vineyard Manager

Dave brings a wealth of experince and knowledge with 20+ years of vineyard management in and around the Yarra Valley. A great contributor to the lacal community as a CFA volunteer and always willing to help out at local schools and sports clubs. Dave is a real family man, beekeepr and fisherman.

Arthur Senior

Farm Manager

Manages all the cattle on the farm. His knowledge and experience on the property spans for over three decades means he knows the farm like no other.
One of the hardest workers you will ever meet, his passion for livestock and farming means the cattle are always in prime condition.
Breeding up our full blood Wagyu herd, Arthur believes the quality of the meat is the testament to his soil health program and like the wines, truly reflects the land they come from.

Chris Pritchett

Vineyard Foreman

Born and bred in the Yarra Valley, Chris or “Pritchie” as he is more commonly known, has a wealth of experience with all aspects of viticulture and farming.
He can drive anything and fix anything. He also likes to dabble in the winery, making some of his own small batches.

Digish Trivedi CPA

Group Financial Controller

Digish joined the team in 2014. He is responsible for the delivery of financial services such as accounting, treasury, reporting, budgeting and insurance management, in accordance with legislative requirements and organisational policies and strategies.